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G2410HD "24 Widescreen Monitor

Second video , I never saw anything on the internet about this monitor (reviews and such) Although this isnt a review this gives you a look at the monitor its self\r
This video is a request as my last one was recorded on a phone camera\r
This was £160 including P\u0026P from www.misco.co.uk\r
I Highly recomend getting this and for £160 , it is a steal...."
theMist1992 : @iceberg789 no prob , I too upgraded from 3 previous "19 , 2 vga's which where terrible and a hansg one which packed up , this ones been good to me!
theMist1992 : @iceberg789 I belive there is a verson with HDMI , im not sure but this monitor has been very reliable. If i can find the same one with HDMI if i was to break or it was to fail i wouldnt hesitate in buying another (even if it didnt have hdmi) - Im doing web editing now and its the perfect size to have code one side and other code the other side ect

theMist1992 : @iceberg789 I think it was 23.7 but dont quote me , i dont have a mesure handy - i havent compaired them with any other although im always using diffrent screens and the higer spec ones all seem the same apart from the £400+ ones currently the screen is doing really well , i had a think it was 42 inch tv as a gift but this benq has far better colours , still impressed with it , Currently i took it with me to my partners and im sat here writing this in her kitchen , I love it! - Nice and wide
theMist1992 : @meatbrainnerd1 Im still using it now , no issues , no dead pixles its fine
meatbrainnerd1 : hey one year after u bought it,have u ever had any problems?dead pixels or sth?cuz im about to buy one on ebay that had been used 4 one year please answer me

BenQ "24 monitor G2410HD

First of i dont know much about monitors. I didnt really find any reviews on the internet so this is just a quick glance at it.\r
I got this from misco for £160 , What a steal.\r
Very VERY good monitor
Stuart Edwards : i have to say that i feel that a glossy screen is unbeatable when playing games which include areas of jungle, sea etc.like call of duty,socom and the like.there,s a new monitor from benq,which is 24 inch,for £150 or so,you may want to check it out.its even hd.
Esben Johansen : Nice overview and commentary, but is it possible for you to make another video with a little better quality? You have great potential dude :)
Jonathan Elliot : From what I've heard the screen itself is matte, only the casing is glossy. Which I think is for the best. Can't stand glossy screens.
zuadilearium : G2G is GREY TO GREY.. the screen can always refresh grey to grey quicker..
theMist1992 : Willdo , I just got it and was like .hmm wow. Whipped the phone out. Havent really seen much on this monitor but its great. I love it. Il get the propper camera out tomorow

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